G  E  N  E  R  A  T  I  O  N  S

Turning Conflict into Connection with Your Tweens, Teens & Twenty-somethings

When our kids reach the tween, teen, and 20-something years, we as parents need to change our strategy and transition them toward independence. Sometimes we remain stuck in patterns that create more conflict or we avoid the conflict and let our kids take charge in unhealthy ways.

Generations is a 6-Week course that will give you the communication tools to launch your kids with confidence. You’ll learn:

  • What drives your child’s emotion and yours and how to unhook it.
  • ​What helps your kids feel heard.
  • ​How to get your kids to listen
  • ​How to use boundaries as a step towards freedom.
  • ​What to do to have more influence on your kid’s decisions.
  • ​What it takes to work through the conflict in a healthy way.
  • ​How to have the difficult conversations.
Generations: Turning Conflict into Connection with Your Tweens, Teens & 20-Somethings is a biblically-based video curriculum that can be used by a single participant or in a group. Thought-provoking exercises help you get to the heart of your parenting decisions. Whether you have a mature 9-year-old or a 29-year-old, the principles apply.

Even though Generations is a stand-alone curriculum, research shows that learning in community will enhance growth exponentially. That’s why we’ve created Generations Community Groups to walk through the course with you. In these on-line groups you will have an opportunity to “try on” the skills in a safe place and work with Debbie Hitchcock as she coaches you through the steps.

Generations materials are also designed to be used in Bible Studies or other small-group environments and can be taught live if you desire to bring Debbie in- person to work with your group.

Whether you have great kids and want to increase your connection with them or your heart is breaking over what’s happening in your home, this course is for you.

What People Are Saying...

My kids see me as much more approachable. I’ve learned that effective communication can break down the walls and barriers. 
- Leslie
I’m now encouraged to work through my issues instead of just praying that they will get better 
- Sandy
It is amazing how I have slowed down, am asking better questions, and my teen is seeking me out. Thank you for this course. 
- Brian
I’m more focused on building trust in my relationships with my kids instead of making them conform to a set of rules. I’m listening more without judgment and not communicating by 'lecture'. 
- Angie
• This class has helped me see areas in which I need to be more intentional and purposeful in parenting. The biggest benefit (of the community group) was the encouragement from other folks. It was helpful to know we’re not alone in the struggles we face with our kids. 
- Scott
Learning to be vulnerable with my kids and to put a positive perspective on what is going on has changed our relationship. 
- Vicki
I’m learning to build the relationship with my son even though we don’t get much time together. I’m learning to initiate since he doesn’t. 
I’ve learned I’m more patient with my daughter. I go to God more in the moment. My comfort level and sense of peace have grown by leaps and bounds. Thank you. 
- Joe
I’ve learned to be less timid so that I can parent with my full heart. I’ve also learned how to emotionally connect prior to trying to fix, teach, or correct my teen. 
- Mike
My biggest takeaway was how to prepare my teen for adulthood rather than to “parent” him.  
- Gail

About The Instructor

Debbie Hitchcock

  • Mother of 4
  • Author -- With All Due Respect, 40 Days to a More Fulfilling Relationship with Your Teens & Tweens (Thomas Nelson 2016)
  • Speaker -- Focus on the Family, Family Life Today, Real Life & Women’s Retreats
  • ​iPEC (ICF-Accredited) Professional Certified Coach – Parenting, Relationship & Transition 
  • ​Communication and Life-Change Trainer 
  • ​Human Resource Manager/Conflict Resolution, Mediation & Teamwork
Several years ago, I had an epiphany -- one of those life-changing, scary, yet freeing moments when I was willing to start letting go of my agenda and let God lead the way. I’ll admit it wasn’t easy. I spent nine months doing lots of soul searching and hard work. I wanted life to be different. I wanted to find real meaning and purpose—especially in my role as a mother.

At the time my husband and I still had three teens at home and one in college. Life was hard with one of those teens. The stress and conflict left little time for reflection. I was stuck in a role that no longer brought joy and fulfillment and I couldn’t seem to find a way out. I was existing rather than living. My heart’s desire was to thrive but I didn’t know how to make it happen.

It was through the hard work that the revelation came. Within a year of that moment, I was very different. I had a passion, resiliency, and a new confidence to live life with purpose rather than the feeling of failure. Even though I was still dealing with stressful parenting issues, I had learned to find joy even in the midst of heartache. Helping others experience what I had learned for myself became my mission—to help other parents begin to flourish regardless of their circumstances.

The road to change can be winding, painful, discouraging, and unpredictable yet strengthening and healing. What I do now as a Professional Certified Parenting, Relationship & Transition Coach is guide you down your road to change with wisdom and grace. I use my background as a Human Resource Professional and a Conflict Resolution and Mediation Specialist to give you the vision of what can be and help you gain a different perspective. My experience as a Communication and Life-Change trainer will give you the tools you’ll need to get unstuck and become the parent you were designed to be.

About The Community Groups

How do community groups work?
Community groups run six weeks in duration and meet for 90 minutes. Here we will practice skills and the curriculum will be supplemented in a way that enhances learning.

Daytime and evening groups will be organized based on number of participants and times that are best for most class members. We will attempt to make sure groups are available to meet your needs. If we are unable to do so when you sign up, we may ask you to wait to join a newly forming Generations Community or will refund your money.

Groups will be designated “moms only” or “for couples”. If you are a dad who is going through the program without the other parent, you will be asked to join a “couples” group. Moms may also join the “couples” group if they so choose.

Regardless of when you start Generations, you can join a group and work through the curriculum at the same pace as other attendees or work through the materials and then join a group. Either way you will gain insight to take your learning to the next level.

Contact me directly if you would like to have a closed group for your friends or a church group who would like to go through the materials together.

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